«There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom.»
Extract from Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche



 onderdeel van de cyclus The Path of Love    

                                                    met Maria Verhulst 


Live muziek:

Ingrid Bourgeois, Olivier Taskin, Sarah Mareels & Virginie Verdier

  • Under the vibration of music and live music, union of the essence of all traditions,
    a healing process takes place without any particular dogma and leads to
  • the liberation of our sexual, affective and spiritual crystallizations,
  • the ascension which enlightens the spiritual meaning of our life events,
  • a state of grace in which our essence lives and dances in communion with the divine,
  • a connection with our guides.

Liberation of our crystallizations

Because of a psychic mechanism of repression and/or denial, the origin of our repeating patterns and wounds is hidden and frozen in the unconscious, and we have no access to it.
The extraordinary feature of music and live music is setting the body in motion and leading naturally and progressively to states of altered expanded consciousness and integrating trance. Those states allow the surpassing of our states of freezing and the ego tensions.

Then, a way is created through our psychic armors and it allows us to reach the root of the cellular memories of: 

  • our emotional knots,
  • our traumas
  • our imbalances with the instinctive forces,

while leaning on a verticality coming out of the soul depths. Releasing the charges of all our sexual, affective and spiritual crystallizations produces an energetic expansion, a healthy dissolution of the ego and a heart opening which purify our wounds.


The released energies of the instinctive forces spread towards the heart which gets under expansion and then ascend to our consciousness in an enlightenment process which throw light on the spiritual meaning of our life events. If we are ready, we can reach full consciousness and real healing.

State of grace in communion with the divine
Going through this gives birth to a state of regeneration, grace and ecstasy while meeting the numinousness which reveals itself in dancing and irradiates in all our being.

This experience of inner peace, Unity and Wholeness establishes new references and traces in us. It leaves the way open to the potential of our essence and it will continuously guide our healing forces towards a divine quality of our Being.

Connection with our guides
Those who know them will strengthen and widen the bond with their guide. The others, if they wish, will have the opportunity of an important personal meeting for their journey as incarnate spiritual being on this Earth.